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Kiss us or we’ll pull your pants down (part 2 of 2)

School for me wasn’t much different, just another obstacle I had to maneuver. When there was something interesting to learn I excelled, however the subjects I found interesting were few. I was completely obsessed with reading so there the teacher had my full attention but with other subjects I became an expert at playing dumb. Few teachers saw through my rouse so usually they took pity on me and gave me the extra credit to pass. In the mean time I would stare outside, I didn’t draw silly puppets or any such things, I would just wait for time to crawl on by.

One other thing that really interested me in school were, girls. At that age most boys didn’t want anything to do with them but I loved them all. Their long hair, the round curled handwriting and there obsession with scented writing utensils almost exclusively used for drawing hearts. I could study them for hours on end. As as the other boys showed no interest I had the playing field for myself. As a result I had 4 girl friends. It was paradise, they all knew of each other and it was all okay. I was about eight years old so I had no clue what to do with them but it didn’t matter. 

The waiting was always for the lunch break signal. The closer we got to lunchtime the more we all started behaving like monkeys on acid. I couldn’t wait to get outside, the ritual was always the same but I loved every minute of it. By the time all kids were out on the playground my four girlfriends started giving chase. I ran over the playground with a smile from ear to ear, the girls tailing right behind me.
After a little while I would let them catch me and they would make a tight circle around me until one of them shouted, “kiss us or we’ll pull your pants down!”, they were all so close to me, I loved being captured and I took my time responding to their treat. I was captured countless times but every time it happened I remember this clear doubt creeping into my brain. Giving them all a kiss wasn’t much of a punishment at all and the fact that they followed it up by, “or we’ll pull your pants down”, was clearly mend to make the choice an even bigger no brainer, however, even though I was only eight there was a slight realization that having four girls that adore you pull your pants down could be better. The idea excited me, though I probably had no inkling as to why. In the end I would always yield to the kisses and they all got one. After they were all kissed the game started all over again as did the doubt when I was captured.
If it wasn’t for those four girls I think a school day would have felt a whole lot longer.

Sure, I was a slow learner but it wasn’t because I was slow I just had different priorities than the world had intended for me. I just wanted to read and play chase with girls. I look back on that period with nostalgia, but one has to wonder if all the much really changed? I might have not understood, but than who does, at times we still play catch in clubs, on dating sites or the office. Nothing changes much, though as an adult I never had four women threatening to pull my pants down if I didn’t kiss them. Probably just as well.

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