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Failed gamer review of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

My review as a failed gamer of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (isn't that two words?!). Started up the game with a pounding heart. Entered the first area, darkroom flashlight lit only. Ambiance: grany died a horrific death by a rabie infested shih-tzu many moons ago, the kids never helped her with the household. Making a 360 in the room had my heart pounding... After 5 minutes I sprinted to the exit, clicked the action button to open the door and ran back. The door only opened a crack. Gave myself a pep talk and with one eye closed ran against the half open door into the hallway, crapped my pants and switched of the computer. Ambiance : 10/10 Graphics : 10/10 Play-ability : 0/10 Story : Way to freaking scary  😨
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Kiss us or we’ll pull your pants down (part 2 of 2)

This is part two, for Kiss us or we'll pull your pants down part 1 School for me wasn’t much different, just another obstacle I had to maneuver. When there was something interesting to learn I excelled, however the subjects I found interesting were few. I was completely obsessed with reading so there the teacher had my full attention but with other subjects I became an expert at playing dumb. Few teachers saw through my rouse so usually they took pity on me and gave me the extra credit to pass. In the mean time I would stare outside, I didn’t draw silly puppets or any such things, I would just wait for time to crawl on by. One other thing that really interested me in school were, girls. At that age most boys didn’t want anything to do with them but I loved them all. Their long hair, the round curled handwriting and there obsession with scented writing utensils almost exclusively used for drawing hearts. I could study them for hours on end. As as the other boys showed no intere

Kiss us or we’ll pull your pants down (part 1 of 2)

“Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it.” G.G. Marquez In a house hold with tree guys, one girl and a single mother there’s always something going on. For the first 11 years we lived in a suburb of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Calling it a suburb is really not very descriptive for what it was, a better description would be, a modern built ghetto with a subway connection. Growing up in the city might be dangerous because of traffic and the ever shrinking room to play, our suburb was mostly dangerous because of kids and their cruel sense of humor. Sometimes we’d get carried away and join in, there have been occasions where one of my brothers pied over his toys to make sure the other kids wouldn’t touch or steal it. A very effective technique. On the other hand this technique was also utilized by other boys on your toys. I just played with my sisters dolls and developed a keen eye for yellow staining. Most of the time I just

Pass it forward. Yes I'm giving something away

Okay I have the ability to give away something that could make someones dream come true. The only thing I would really like is to give it to someone whom normally would have hardly any chance to get to do something like this. So what is it? It's a free fall parachute jump! You know sky diving, parachute jumping etc. So what do you need to know? It's in The Netherlands There is absolutely no fine print, really a gift  I'd love it if you can send me an image after having jumped so I can brag in your name on this blog. But if you don't want that, no problem. It's absolutely necessary that it will be an unforgettable experience for you ;-)  From the time of this post I'll wait 2 weeks until I make a choice. Apply which ever way you want, by comment below or email me, which ever you prefer.   I'm doing this in the name of a memory that's important to me so not to promote my blog or anything. The memory is way too personal so I'm not goi

People You May Know

I just spend some time on the right side of my Facebook wall. After hitting the tiny little cross for about 5 minutes I didn't come across anyone I actually know. There were a couple women I should get to know, but really, all strangers.  I seem to know a couple of people that know a lot of people but apparently I don’t know them well enough to be introduced to their friends. Or maybe I’m just not interesting enough to be introduced to their friends, in that case the heading should be, People You Would Know If You Were More Interesting.  The heading is stupid anyway for a website that has an interest to connect as many people as possible, People You May Know, sounds way to tentative. I bet that section would see a lot more action if they call it, People You Should Know. Users would go into clicking frenzies, “I should know these people, why don’t I know these people, why don’t these people know me. I’m more interesting then this person, he should know me” click-click-click-

A letter to my imaginary friend

I know you don't like my writing, however after not speaking to each other for a while it became impossible to pick up the phone or to drop by. Especially in the way we parted. I fear your anger and rejection of my white flag. So I'd like to ask you to just ignore my writing and only read what I have to say. Yes, I feel responsible for most of the things that have gone wrong. I must be the only person on this planet that manages to even screw up with his imaginary friend. We said some horrible things to each other last time we spoke. Of course I assumed that you, being my imaginary friend, would understand every word and all sub context. It seems that I was wrong, I've never felt as misunderstood by someone in my life before. I'm not passing blame, it's unreasonable to long from anyone to completely understand you. We do have some crazy memories don't we? Remember when we were trying the difference in taste of that home brewed vodka I had stand