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Life has become so easy we made it hard on ourselves

I've screwed up a fair amount of relationships in my years. The previous sentence is more popularly written as: "I've been so unlucky in love, I always seem to meet the wrong person".  However there comes a point where you have to look back and go, hmm yeah that was number 16 failing maybe it's something I'm doing wrong. This post is a culmination of, my own experiences over the past 4 years, intense contemplation over the last 2 months and an inspiring book I read which managed to structure my thinking on the subject (link supplied at the bottom of this post). Although I wrote it mostly for myself I hope that readers of this post can see some sense in these words.
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought" - Gautama Buddha
It can be very empowering taking responsibility for your own fuck ups. Especially when you're done bitching and moaning to your friends about it. Which is a necessary step in the process to recovering, sanity and level h…