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IT Hippy Breakdown

There have been moments these last months where I could do nothing else but look back on the last couple of years of the previous century. Back when I just started my career in the whole, what is now, the internet industry.

You tech guys probably know what I'm talking about, those days when ideals still had a big part in the whole Internet game. Sales people crying because they didn't get what they wanted from the tech department, as most of the time what they wanted was just unethical. In those days we often functioned as a firewall ourselves between the money making machine and the users.
When I had some time left to kill in between calls I read Userfriendly, browed Slashdot and checked out the latest WindowMaker themes. In 1998 I was doing customer support for a small ISP (Internet Service Provider) located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  When a call came in I often felt the need to bang my head on the table top, complicated dial-in script and novice users could make for l…