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I never flew before

The big day

As I set on the bed I took some time to let it sink in, the day had arrived for which I spend two months preparing and worrying. I heard my wife busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast, an air of excitement and vacation optimism rose from all noises she produced.
The contrast couldn’t have been greater, since we booked the flight to Krak√≥w two months earlier I hardly thought about the vacation it self. I was going to fly for the first time and everything that would happen after that was unimaginable.
I got up and headed to the shower, as I stood under the hot water I realized that I actually slept reasonably well. Good! Those pills the doctor subscribed worked!
My wife tactically avoided the subject and gave me all the time I needed to get ready. I ate a little breakfast and visited the toilet a couple of times. Already with her coat on she gently announced it was time for us to go so I grabbed my suitcases and we were off.
We met up with our travel companions at the stati…